betrayal based on H. Pinter
multimdeia performance

Premiere 4. february
Sophiensaele Berlin

directed by: Ingrun Aran

The production confronts the perspectives on memory, with just one actor on stage wo interacts with other figures (memories, or mere projections?) only to be heard and seen in a brief film sequence. The spectacle of infidelity is not central to this rendition of „betrayal“ rather, the on-stage multimedia complexity, through which the relationship between the protagonists becomes tangible, forces the audience to grapple with the characters‘ interdependence and the laconic questions: how much more does cheating cement friendship than erode them?

production: Ingrun Aran (okapi-productions) & Shaun Lawton – with: Shaun Lawton, Victoria Pickett (on screen)music/improvisation: Wanja Slavin, Phillipp Gropper (tenorsaxophon)camera: Jakobine Motz – stagedesign/video on stage: Ingrun Aran

mediapartner: Exberliner